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Vagabonds of the Western World

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  • Back in ‘73 I’d never heard of Thin Lizzy, but pitchers of their records were in record stores over in Europe & music rags featured ads for something called Tales of [or from] a Blue Orphanage: they were popular on the continent.

    In the home where I worked, there in Germany, the 16 year old with the muscular dystrophy had me put the record on the turntable. His big head bobbed over his withered body.

    Wow! Whiskey in the Jar, Little Girl in Bloom, even Hero & the Madman: why wasn’t this stuff on the college radio station? When I departed for the US of A & home, the kid gave me that record.

    So, 30+ years later, after I reduced the vinyl to pops, crackles, & fuzz, I bought the CD: don’t where those extree songs are from, but Whiskey in the Jar(oh), My Mama Nature, Song for While I’m Away remain fiery stuff. (Whiskey in the Jar sounds like some 13th-century Meistersaenger ode & it is.) By the time T.L. was on radio, Lynott sounded like Springsteen & was a couple years from dead.

    Nope, can’t go wrong with Vagabonds: tura lura lura lye.

    Posted on March 11, 2010