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Van Halen II

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  • In 1979 when this record was made, Van Halen was the hottest up and coming band on the planet. They had toured with Sabbath and Journey and word was spreading quick that This was the band to see and hear. This record starts off oddly with two melodic pop songs, a smoldering version of You’re No Good and the good time bliss of Dance The Night Away. Then, the mood changes drastically- Somebody Get Me A Doctor starts off like a Kiss song and then kicks into a classic Eddie Riff. Roth screaming nonsensical lyrics that are freakin perfect. This song is Van Halen nirvana. Party keeps rocking along with Bottoms UP! and Outta Love Again- nothing amazing here, but solid songs with Roth and Edward wailing away. Track 6- Light Up The Sky is the real gem on this record- mean guitar riff with lots of mood and subtle volume changes. This song showed that these cats were way beyond rock and roll party animals. Behind the booze and egos was an incredibly tight and talented band. Name a band in 2005 that can write a riff as hot as D.O.A. They don’t make bands like this anymore. Aint no Pro Tools used on this one either. Made in 6 days. I love this record.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I said it 25 years ago and I still say it today – if you don’t own this album, you don’t know Van Halen!
    Van Halen II is the quintessential “side b” of their debut album. A second helping of the same smokin’ guitar riffs, whimsical vocals and high energy good times that made this band the toast of the rock music world.
    A bit under-produced by some standards, Van Halen II is unadulterated by synths or MIDI technology. This is pure no-nonsense artistry and raw power.
    Hungry to make their lasting mark, the band exudes energy from the pop-friendly radio staple “Dance the Night Away” to the hard driving rock anthem “Light Up the Sky”. David Lee Roth’s trademark screams along with a powerhouse rhythm section spin the cover tune “You’re No Good” into a metal classic. Eddie debuts his acoustic prowess with “Spanish Fly” and unleashes a fury of scorching riffs on “Somebody Get Me a Doctor”. The ballad “Women In Love” showcases the dynamic abilities of this versatile ensemble as “Outta Love Again” betrays their heavy metal roots.
    Chemistry like this cannot be duplicated. Van Halen II is a must for any VH fan.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After the brilliant VAN HALEN,Eddie and Co. had the difficult task of a follow up release.The first notes of YOU’RE NO GOOD wind out from your speakers like a blues boa constrictor.Not quite as heavy as it’s predecessor,VH2 covers many areas :comedy(BEAUTIFUL GIRLS);radio friendly(DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY);acoustic guitar(SPANISH FLY);blues rock(YOU’RE NO GOOD,SOMEBODY GET ME A DOCTOR)and heavy metal(LIGHT UP THE SKY,DOA).Many of the songs don’t work as well as their VH1 counterparts,but this is an enjoyable album just the same.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After the astonishing success of their groundbreaking debut, Van Halen refused to rest on their laurels and quickly followed it up in 1979 with the release of VAN HALEN II. Although the first album is truly a landmark achievement in the hard rock/heavy metal genre, VHII is an even better record. The band has never sounded tighter. David Lee Roth’s unique and raucous vocals still proves he can scream with the best of them; drummer Alex Van Halen and bassist Michael Anthony are still one of the finest rhythm sections in rock; and Eddie Van Halen’s rapid-fire solos and innovative guitar work sound even more groundbreaking than ever before.Michael Anthony’s awesome bass riff kicks off the album’s opener, a bluesy cover of Linda Rondstadt’s “You’re No Good,” which is quickly followed by the band’s first Top 20 hit, the melodic “Dance the Night Away.” The one-minute instrumental “Spanish Fly” shows that Eddie Van Halen can rock just as hard on acoustic guitar, while “Somebody Get Me a Doctor” and “Outta Love Again” showcase the band’s blues influences. “D.O.A.” (which stands for “Dead or Alive”) is one of the band’s best songs, a head-banging heavy metal rocker which features some of the best tough-guy-on-the-street lyrics ever written.Pretty much every song on this sophomore LP is great, no filler just like the first album. The musicianship is top-notch, DLR’s showmanship is incredible, and the production by Ted Templeman makes sure every guitar note hits the speakers as expected (loudly). VAN HALEN II is a classic hard rock record.NOTE: Check out Alex Van Halen’s drum solo in the middle of track #6 “Light Up the Sky.” It’s something to behold.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Van Halen II is every bit the classic their debut was. David Lee Roth’s talent really shows here. From what I hear this album was recorded in less than a week! You wouldn’t know it, as the songs sound masterfully crafted. Not one second seems rushed.Another fine cover tune opens the album,”You’re no good” and gets things going in full throttle. “Dance the night away” with it’s pleasant harmony reached the top 20. The feel-good chorus of “Bottoms up” never disappoints. Eddie showcases his acoustic chops on “Spanish fly” followed by the all-out rocker “Dead or alive”. “Women in love” will lift you up during the dog days of summer. Capping it off is the classic “Beautiful girls” playful lyrics, strong chorus, what’s not to like?The songs on Van Halen II encapsulate the ultimate Summertime feel. This is a must-have.

    Posted on November 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now