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Van Halen II

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  • I said it 25 years ago and I still say it today – if you don’t own this album, you don’t know Van Halen!
    Van Halen II is the quintessential “side b” of their debut album. A second helping of the same smokin’ guitar riffs, whimsical vocals and high energy good times that made this band the toast of the rock music world.
    A bit under-produced by some standards, Van Halen II is unadulterated by synths or MIDI technology. This is pure no-nonsense artistry and raw power.
    Hungry to make their lasting mark, the band exudes energy from the pop-friendly radio staple “Dance the Night Away” to the hard driving rock anthem “Light Up the Sky”. David Lee Roth’s trademark screams along with a powerhouse rhythm section spin the cover tune “You’re No Good” into a metal classic. Eddie debuts his acoustic prowess with “Spanish Fly” and unleashes a fury of scorching riffs on “Somebody Get Me a Doctor”. The ballad “Women In Love” showcases the dynamic abilities of this versatile ensemble as “Outta Love Again” betrays their heavy metal roots.
    Chemistry like this cannot be duplicated. Van Halen II is a must for any VH fan.

    Posted on November 23, 2009