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Van Halen II

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  • In 1979 when this record was made, Van Halen was the hottest up and coming band on the planet. They had toured with Sabbath and Journey and word was spreading quick that This was the band to see and hear. This record starts off oddly with two melodic pop songs, a smoldering version of You’re No Good and the good time bliss of Dance The Night Away. Then, the mood changes drastically- Somebody Get Me A Doctor starts off like a Kiss song and then kicks into a classic Eddie Riff. Roth screaming nonsensical lyrics that are freakin perfect. This song is Van Halen nirvana. Party keeps rocking along with Bottoms UP! and Outta Love Again- nothing amazing here, but solid songs with Roth and Edward wailing away. Track 6- Light Up The Sky is the real gem on this record- mean guitar riff with lots of mood and subtle volume changes. This song showed that these cats were way beyond rock and roll party animals. Behind the booze and egos was an incredibly tight and talented band. Name a band in 2005 that can write a riff as hot as D.O.A. They don’t make bands like this anymore. Aint no Pro Tools used on this one either. Made in 6 days. I love this record.

    Posted on November 23, 2009