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Van Halen III

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  • This album features Gary Cherone on vocals, a horrible mistake made by the bands former manager: Ray Daniels who did nothing but harm for the band.Gary tries to sing like Hagar on all the tracks, don’t expect to hear any of his talent (clearly heard on all the Extreme albums). It is just horrible. Eddie’s playing is at it’s all time worst. It sounds like he is running on empty, the production was done by Eddie himself and some unknown producer who’s only credits were TV tunes, this shows horribly as the sound is just plan bad. Guitar solos sound dry and too uptight. bass is absent from the mix and drums sound muffled. The lryics and song structure is also a nightmare, with chorus, bridge and verse all sounding out of place. The lryics sound like some wacked out poetry from Cherone that should have never been turned into songs.The tour that followed featured Cherone trying to perform Hagar and Roth era tunes, it killed the band. Cherone recorded a second album with the band, but Warner Bros rejected it, leading the band to pursade Cherone to quitely leave. Ray Daniels was let go shortly there after, and the band is still trying to regroup to think their next move.

    Posted on March 10, 2010