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Van Halen

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  • This remains Van Halen’s best CD. There is a cynical truth in the music business: you have 10 years to prepare your first album, and only 10 weeks to do your second one. While Van Halen’s subsequent CD’s all had great tunes, none were as consitently excellent as this one. The remastering job here is exceptionaly good. The guitar sounds are hot, and clean, the bass and drums sound like they’re right in the room, and the vocals are out front, but not inordinately so. You can blast this CD right up to the clipping levels of your electronics, and it sounds clean.Musically, every song here features some pyrotechnic guitar variation, over a hard driving rhythm section, and complemented by strong vocals by David Lee Roth. In short, it’s got the formula that all great rock acts used. But this is not “formula music”; it’s the stuff of rock legends, and it’s easy to see why VH went straight from LA house parties to super stardom — headlining in areanas & stadiums– by the time their 2nd CD came out.Audiphiles take note: While some “remastered” CD’s are barely distinguishable from the originals, this one is a major improvement.

    Posted on December 29, 2009