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Van Halen

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  • What can one say about this stunning debut from the greatest band of all time? To say it revolutionalized the rock scene is an understatment. “Eruption”, while not as magical a listen as it was when it first came out, is still one of the best solo’s ever recorded. Introducing the two-handed technique, displaying a masterful knowledge of the fretboard, blinding speed, and whammy bar acrobatics all wrapped up into a 2 minute masterpiece of musical brilliance, Eddie Van Halen solidified his spot in the pantheon of guitar gods, and this is just the second cut. Their cover of the Kinks “You Really Got Me” could be one of the best covers ever produced. Burning fretwork also shows up in the solo to ‘Ice Cream Man’ and the closing track ‘On Fire’. After listening to these, you would think that he was all go, all the time, but what Eddie is truly underappreciated for is his ability to lay back and and play rythm. The rythm to ‘Atomic Punk’ and ‘Little Dreamer’ show how tight the band is as a unit. Bass player Michael Anthony and drummer Alex Van Halen lay as solid a foundation as you can get, and Eddie has an amazing ability to let the song breath. Vocally, David Lee Roth never sang better than he did on this cd. His playful singing style really complements the guitar, and his lyrics are great for whatever the mood of the song is. Another one of the most overlooked aspects of the Vna Halen sound is the backup vocals of Michale Anthony and Eddie. Eddie’s low voice, and Mikes amazingly powerful highs created a three octave sound when added to Roth’s. This gave even there heaviest songs an approachable feel to the unknown listener. not so much pop, but enough to catch the ear. Great hooks.A must have for any fan of music.

    Posted on December 29, 2009