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Vapor Transmission

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  • I’ll be perfectly honest, I wasn’t a big fan of “Candyass.” “Stitches” was perfect, but the rest was mostly lacking (especially their cover of New Order’s classic “Blue Monday”). When I heard Orgy where making a follow-up, I didn’t think much of it. Then I heard they were going in a heavier and more electronic direction, and that this time, there would be no covers. My interest was sparked. So after hearing the ridiculously catchy “Fiction (Dreams In Digital),” my mind was made up. I went out and bought “Vapor Transmission.” And after finally tearing myself away from the single long enough, I listened to the CD all the way through. The result? As my title said, a masterpiece. It’s like Depeche Mode covering Nine Inch Nail’s “Broken” album. Not one bad song here, and “Fiction (Dreams In Digital)” isn’t even the best song here. “The Odyssey,” “Opticon,” “107,” “Eyes-Radio-Lies,” and “Chasing Sirens” are all, in my opinion, the best songs here. Perhaps the biggest shock to me was that all (yes, all) of these songs are incredibly catchy. The guitars are heavier than on “Candyass,” but I wouldn’t call them aggressive at all, just distorted and heavy (just the way I like it). The more electronic diection that Orgy said they were taking is evident, especially on songs like “Fiction (Dreams In Digital)” and “Chasing Sirens.” However, the biggest improvement on Orgy’s sophomore effort is Jay Gordan. Let’s face it, he didn’t do a great lyrical job on “Candyass,” and most of the songs were a bit uninspired (“Dizzy,” anyone?). With “Vapor Transmission,” however, he makes a huge improvement. On “Eva” (which I read was written as a tribute to producer Josh Abraham’s late mother) Jay is completely touching. Others, like “Opticon” for example, Jay sings about fakes and religion (thankfully telling it like it is). Now, Jay’s lyrics are on par with his amazinng vocals. Another complaint about “Candyass” was that Orgy were nothing but a studio band, that all the magick came from their producers. “Fiction (Dreams In Digital)” probably didn’t convert the ones who believe that (I did with “Candyass”), but one listen through the whole album, and you can tell that’s not true. Strip away all the studio ear candy, and you still have a band that can rock like %95 of these current “bands” wish they could (Papa Roach, anyone?). Perhaps the song that stood out the most to me was “107.” The dark atmosphere practically commands you step up and take notice. There are dark melodies running throughout the vein of “Vapor Transmission” from “Vapor Transmission (Intro)” to the hidden gem of a song at the end, but none so magnificently strong as “107.” I really hope this song is considered for a single, because it truly deserves to be heard. Another top winner is “The Odyssey,” which has some great lyrics dealing with people who run from things. As I’ve said before though, all of these songs are amazing and extremely catchy. The lyrics and vocals are amazing, the music is incredible and infectious, and “Vapor Transmission” has the best production since Nine Inch Nails’ “The Fragile.” Orgy have created a masterpiece, and “Vapor Transmission” earns its spot as one of the three best albums of the year. Very highly recommended, just don’t say I didn’t warn you when you can’t get these songs out of your head. Personally, I like them there. A perfect album.

    Posted on January 28, 2010