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Vapor Transmission

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  • I’ve never given an album five stars on here before, but I believe I have finally found a more than worthy CD to take that honor. Orgy’s “Vapor Transmission” is an absolutely stunning accomplishment — a wild fushion of keyboards, hard rock, creative production, and great vocals. It blows away their debut album and just about any other hard rock CD released so far this year. What makes this album — and Orgy in general — so effective is how they take many elements of 80’s music, like synths and keyboards, and weld them to catchy late 90’s metal, an approach that produces some truly epic songs here. And in an age when nearly every modern metal band has a rapper for a singer and a DJ they don’t really need, Orgy stand out for creating smooth, textured music than is nonetheless aggressive without lapsing into meaningless rap shouts. There really isn’t a single dud on “Vapor Transmission”. After the intro song, Orgy blast into action with “Suckerface”, a heavy song with a catchy rhythm and subtle keyboards. From there, it’s almost all gravy: the beatiful “Fiction”, the gorgeous ballad “Eva”, and the haunting “Re-creation” are among some of the best moments. All of the songs have memorable, interesting touches, and the whole thing closes out with a bang with “Where’s Gerrold?”, a blazing slice of perfectly executed metallic fury. Throughout the album, Orgy throw out every trick in the book to give the music maximum impact: weird vocal effects, string instruments, breakbeats, and moments of remarkable passion from singer Jay Gordon. At times, all the effects risk overwhelming the music and can seem gimmicky, but it’s refreshing to see a band go too far to please the listener instead of not going far enough. All in all, if you’re a fan of Orgy’s first album, modern metal in general, or even some 80’s music, you’d be insane not to pick up “Vapor Transmission”. Unlike most CDs, it gets better the more you listen to it instead of worse, a great rarity in these times. And if you can, see them perform live some time. They are more than capable of producing this tricky, complex music live, and they put on one of the best shows you’ll ever see.

    Posted on January 28, 2010