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Vapor Transmission

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  • After listening to Candyass for 2 straight years, I didn’t think Orgy could top it. I was wrong. Orgy go beyond their glam rock image and deliver some real hi-quality songs. There are no cover songs here, just really well written original songs. Like the title states: Orgy have grown lyrically and musically.If you are expecting Candyass part 2, let me disappoint you. The songs on here are far more creative. Songs like “Eyes, Radio, Lies” and “Fiction (Dreams in Digital)” are the best pieced together songs and have a layered sound to them. “Opticon” and “Suckerface” are the two heaviest songs, and are also where drummer Bobby Hewitt shines his most. Upon listening to Candyass, I labeled him as a mediocre drummer, but in this CD, he proves to be one of the most talented in the band. “Eva” is a more emotional song, which I’m not sure quite what it’s about, I know it’s about someone Jay lost, maybe his mom or a girlfriend or someone he looked up to, but it is very well written and the timing is perfect. This is surely the album that will establish Orgy as their own, rather than just a band associated with Korn. Orgy have finally found where they want to and need to be, musically, and lyrically.

    Posted on January 28, 2010