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Vapor Transmission

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  • I knew Orgy was worth attention when I first heard “Stitches” on the radio a couple years ago. I bought Candyass, of course, and was very satisfied with the album – it was fresh, talented music with an interesting approach to the glam rock/alternative/somewhat electronic forum. I never really expected them to become one of my favorite bands, though.Then, Vapor Transmission caught me completely off guard. Orgy has turned to a more electronic direction (YES!!) and they have matured and grown very impressively in their short time together… There are still some rough spots on VT but they are so small I can’t even compel myself to take any stars away. All the songs here (especially Eva, Opticon, and Dramatica – my faves so far) have the familiar, catchy pop feel to them, but Orgy’s special talent seems to be to take these elements and make them somehow sound like nothing else you’ll hear on the radio. Even though they aren’t the most original act around, Orgy stands out like few bands do because they walk the line between mainstream and psychosis so well. Also, for fellow lyricists out there (and anyone, actually), really listen to what Jay has to say in this album: His lyrics have really dug in (Standouts: Eva, about the loss of a loved one, and Re-Creation, about fakes and religion) and taken hold of some serious meaning… It can be very compelling if you let it be.The only other thing I can tell you with certainty is the disclaimer in the subject line: Once you start listening to VT you can’t stop! Beware of songs that will get stuck in your head for hours. (Opticon!)And we make this new religion… to escape what we’ve become…

    Posted on January 29, 2010