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Vapor Transmission

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  • I never thought I’d buy it, but when I heard “Fiction” I had to get it. This album is better than I expected. Orgy are not the most original band in the world, but this album has what alot of other bands on the radio lack these days…..atmosphere. They seem to have a clear sense of what they want to sound like and are very consistent throughout. Also…these guys can actually write catchy pop songs that are somewhat intelligent, as opposed to all that other nu-metal garbage that is on the radio nowadays. “Suckerface” shows the band getting a little heavier, and the first thing you notice is that synth like guitar distortion that they always use. “The Odyssey” is a little faster with an interesting syncopated groove. “Opticon” is a perfect example of the new-wave style that they are so good at modernizing. “Fiction (Dreams in Digital)” is an extremely well written song that is a definite progression from the music on Candyass. The hook in the chorus is undeniably catchy….awesome song. “Eva” is all about sounding like The Cure at the beginning…but then it seems to become metal during the chorus. This is the best song on the record in my opinion…..the songwriting is incredible. This should be the next single. “107″ shows the obvious Skinny Puppy influence. “Dramatica” and “Eyes-Radio-Lies” are well written, 80’s influenced pop songs, but they have that guitar sound and incredible production that create the atmosphere and give it a unique quality depsite the obvious influences. “Saving Faces” isn’t a particularly memorable track, but “Re-creation” hints at the Deftones. “Chasing Sirens” is pretty cool. Like in “The Oddysey”, theres a heavy syncopated riff that is very polished and pretty heavy for Orgy. “Where’s Gerrold” is another dancy track that I dont care for that much. Overall…..this album kicks a**, and is much better than Candyass. I think Jay Gordon sounds less b**chy on this album also. I find it pretty cool that a band can mix pop with heavy stuff in such a catchy way. The other cool thing about Orgy is that they dont come off like they are trying to be tough or anything. All the other “heavy” bands on the radio nowadays bite…..they are not heavy.. go buy a Meshuggah album, that is heavy defined. As far as I’m concerned, the only modern bands on the radio that count nowadays are A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Chili Peppers and of course, Orgy.

    Posted on January 29, 2010