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Vena Sera

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  • I disagree whole heartedly with the spotlight reviews. Chevelle has done something most bands do not…stuck with a sound that their fans recognize, love, and listen to Chevelle for. This album is what I deem fantastic and satisfying, and should be, by no means, looked over by anyone who is looking for terrific rock and roll. In fact, I would bet that whoever it was who wrote these ’spotlight’ reviews chose little time to actually listen to the album.

    Let me give you the run down as to why this is an incredible rock album.

    1. The band has mastered the art of playing together. Each track is fast, tight, and smooth.

    2. You most likely listen to Chevelle for their sound. I do. Therefore, I would not want them to pull what bands like Pearl Jam did and become “progressive”. All this has done is taken a fantastic rock band and turned them into something I don’t particularly like to listen to.

    3. This album MUST be listened to more than twice. I agree that at first listen, the whole album sounds vaguely similar. Fine…you got me there. But have you actually LISTENED to the album. Listen to it one more time…but this time closely. The riffs, drums, vocals, and lyrics are amazing. Listen to ‘Saturday’ and tell me that this song doesnt get your adrenaline pumping. If it doesn’t…then I recommend you start listening to another genre of music.

    4. ‘Vena Sera’ is a refreshing back track to the sound of hard rock worth listening to. Chevelle seems to want to keep the hope of good hard rock and roll alive with this album.

    5. Every song on this album can and should be listened to in full….aside from the last bonus track which sounds like it was written and produced as a PR tactic. I can’t remember the last time I listened to an album in full. Can you?

    6. If you like Chevelle you will like this album. It is them in their ultimate form. Take it or leave it.

    Thus concludes my opinion of ‘Vena Sera’. Go buy this album if you love listening to rock that makes you lift harder, run faster, and face life with no fear. Otherwise dont even bother listening to it.

    Posted on January 29, 2010