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Vena Sera

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  • This album is great. I really enjoyed “This Type of Thinking…” as well as “Wonder what’s Next”.
    I am very pleased with what I am hearing now. Chevelle rocks hard with great vocals. They seem to have found that perfect edge of patterned riffs and emotional chords, slamming hard and balancing the tide without going to far into the grasp of extreme repitition of a groove. They ride that line so well, where some other band sometimes slides over that edge.
    Their songs all surround the listener with a feeling of urgency, seriousness and release. For some reason their songs bring back memories of my life before Chevelle even existed. Strange but good.
    Chevelle seems to have perfected their own world they have created.
    another reviewer said something to the effect of “if its not broken don’t fix it.” I agree.. And I would add that respect comes from sticking to your true musical talent and not swaying or changing because of some outside force, like a marketing agency or record company. Many modern bands fallen into that trap, and it loses true fans. Chevelle has stayed true to their sound.
    And yes, I also agree…can we get an acoustic closer next time?
    Great Album. The best I have heard yet in 2007.

    Posted on January 29, 2010