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  • I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this (and I won’t be the last, either), but “Vendetta” is like Pantera meets Hatebreed. Some of the spiteful, caustic riffs echo Dimebag Darrell, but it’s the singer’s howls that really bring Pantera to mind. Vocalist Dave Peters switches off between Phil Anselmo-like shrieks and Hatebreed-esque bellows and shout alongs.

    “Vendetta” may not be 100% new or innovative, and they may actually sound too much like Pantera and Hatebreed at times, but when the C.D. sounds this great, how can you complain? And Throwdown aren’t one of those metalcore bands that sound like they have blatantly ripped-off somebody else’s sound. Mixing old-school metal like Pantera with a modern, hardcore band like Hatebreed is actually a pretty original idea, too.

    The album begins with “We Will Rise,” which shoots out of the starting gate with a riff that vaguely sounds like a lawn mower, explosive double bass drumming, and a very Hatebreed-esque bellow of “We will rise!” Next comes “Speak the Truth;” a song cascading, slow buzzsaw riffs and a couple of Phil-y howls. My personal favorite song on here is the title track. It has thumping drums, and more scorching, sometimes machine gun riffs. Track four, “Burn,” has another strong guitar lead, with pounding, stutter-stepping riffs and a long, extended yell near the end. “Discipline” has grooving riffs, fast drumming, and more Phil Anselmo-esque screams. “To Live Is To Sacrifice” features running, up and down riffs which turn to crunchy, fast chug and churn riffs. This song also includes a cool shout-along of “Fight!” “Give My Life” has more pounding riffs and a guitar solo even flares up, “The World Behind” has blindingly fast, machine gun riffs, and “Shut You Down” alternates between pounding/booming guitar noise and heavy, churning riffs. Then, track ten, “Annihilation (N.W.D.),” has a churning rhythm with cannon-fire double bass work. And the album closer, the appropriately named “This Is Where It Ends” plows straight ahead with more scorching riffs.

    As aforementioned, this C.D. isn’t 100% new or innovative, but it is 110% full of energy, raw aggression, and hooks. Throwdown may have arrived at the metalcore scene late, but I still recommend this album to all metalcore fans and metalheads in general, because this band is just as powerful and good as any other band out there today.

    A side note: if you can’t find “Vendetta” at your local record store, try looking in the “hardcore-punk” section, because that’s where it was (for some odd reason) when I bought it.

    Posted on January 9, 2010