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  • Moonsorrow is the logical extension of Bathory’s grand pioneering works of “Viking metal”, and they take it beyond epic and beyond awesome. Reaching from their chosen idiom into a vast well of resources, from traditional Finnish folk themes to a broad range of instruments, Moonsorrow achieves its first truly great album with _Verisakeet_, their fourth album. It clocks in with only five songs totaling about 71 minutes, and one of those songs is little more than a brief fireside acoustic diddy. Meaning the rest of the album is comprised of awesomely epic tracks nearly 15 minutes long on average that sweep the gamut of arrangement, tempo, and melodic flavor. Moonsorrow takes its time navigating meticulously orchestrated themes, which recur on instruments as diverse as the expected electric guitars as well as things like acoustic guitars, mouth harp, recorder, accordion, tin whistle, fiddle, jouhikko, and kantele, developed in turn by alternating fiery electric Viking death marches, dramatic faux-orchestral arrangements, and mood-setting acoustic quietude. Vocal chorales dominate when not split up by bloody screaming. These epic tracks will have you obsessed from majestic overtures to glorious, fields-aflame banner-waving finales, and all the serene nature sounds nicely speckled in between. HIGHly recommended.

    Posted on December 2, 2009