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  • This record, probably my favorite of all Moonsorrow records (although it’s a tie with V : Havitetty) is probably the most original, emotional, and majestic pieces of music to exist, especially in the metal genre. But, in the music world entirely, this is a rare and amazing contribution. It blends together so many styles and sounds, it is heavy, with crushing riffs and screaming vocals, but quiet and beautiful, melodic interludes and harmonic choruses. I’m thoroughly impressed with this record, and if you’re shopping for Moonsorrow records, you probably already know them, as they are something to be sought out more than found, it seems. So, you’ll be surprised, in a good way, and certainly won’t be disappointed with this release. But, I came looking, a few years ago, and found something that has constantly surprised me again and again with every release. Cheers, Moonsorrow. PS – I saw them this May, and they were incredible, as well as playing Pimea, in it’s entirety! Though, off this one, Jotunheim is my favorite.

    Posted on December 2, 2009