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  • I didn’t like this very much at first. The guitars aren’t super heavy, and I usually don’t like clean vocals in black metal. In fact, this doesn’t sound that much like black metal, which I was sort of expecting. Sometime around the third time I listened, it started clicking for me. If you just skip around listening to little pieces of the album, or listen to the previews of each track, you miss what it’s about. Somehow all the pieces add up to a unique and excellent listening experience.

    The guitars are not obscured by a mass of distortion…they are somehow clean and distorted at the same time. There are great atmospheric cinematic sounds, interesting breaks, weird and wonderful harmonies, lots of contrast and dynamics. I love the shifting time signatures, the overall vibe…..a unique and beautiful album!

    Also, I don’t think ‘progressive black metal’ is a good term for this album. To me it is one of those great albums that defies any genre. It is truly it’s own thing.

    Posted on November 26, 2009