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Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble

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  • When I grew up (a long time ago…) I listened to this record of my older brother a lot. I liked the simplicity of the guitar riffs, the beautiful voice of the singer (now in the angel’s choir), and the dramatic organ accompaniment (though I was always drawn to electric guitar which I played since I was 17). I don’t like many keyboard players, probably just Jon Lord, whoever Blackmore had on the live Rainbow double-LP, and above all Ken Hensley of the Heep, a true musical genius, especially when he picks up his slide and plays the most ferocious slide guitar solos in rock history (starting on this LP with “Real Turned On” and bringing to absolute perfection in “Tears in my eyes” on the next LP “Look At Yourself”).

    This CD has all the original LP songs in flawless sound quality and then some extras that I don’t care too much for. The liner notes are pretty interesting. Looks like Uriah Heep was pretty much disliked by the music critics early on, not sure why. I think David Byron and Ken Hensley are the absolute cream of singer/keyboard player ever in rock music. Mick Box on guitar was just solid, very good sound, simple riffs, not too exiting in the solo department. They had very good songs. Not sure what the critics thought.

    Posted on February 27, 2010