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  • So, basically, this album is amazing and certainly the best thing Thrice has done so far. It’s so EPIC and well-crafted and their songwriting is even better and it’s more experimental and eclectic and more condensed and concise and everything is there for a reason and the whole album is so WONDERFUL. The first track, “Image Of The Invisible” is catchy as all hell and so well-written. The second track is certainly a grower, with its electronic touches and more subdued atmosphere. To be honest, it’s my least favorite song on the album, but I have grown to enjoy it a lot more on multiple listens. And I don’t think it really fits with everything else on the album. But, after that, every song just gets BETTER and BETTER. The drumming is immense and the guitarwork is immense and the basswork is immense and the vocals are so f’ing good – Dustin has improved his vocal ability two-fold.

    It’s amazing how far this band has come – from a punk band with metal influences to a metal band with punk influences to a hardcore band with well-structured songs and experimental tendencies, and now to an experimental metal band with hardcore tendencies.

    If you’ve ever enjoyed Thrice, this is THE album to check out. I think this is the album of the year, even moreso than the new Ulver and Dredg releases (which I can’t stop listening to, either)

    SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 23, 2010