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  • Thrice has changed. There is no doubt in that. I found it amusing to read the one-star reviews on here from toughguy metalheads that want to do spinning kicks and windmills in the pit. Wake up, guys. Thrice changed, not for better OR for worse. They are just different.

    Songs like Red Sky or Atlantic are miles different from the old riff-ridden songs like Deadbolt or To Awake And Avenge The Dead, but to say that they suck would be incredibly stupid. Listen to Dust Of Nations and tell me the song sucks. It doesn’t. Same goes for the other 10 tracks on this CD.

    Song-by-song review:
    Image of the invisible (3/5): It’s good, it’s just a little repetitive. Excellent single choice though. The rating for this song when played live changes to 5/5.

    Between the end and where we lie (5/5): We are introduced to this new direction the guys are taking, and I could not be more happy with it. This song is awesome to sing along and relax to.

    The earth will shake (5/5): The heaviest song Thrice has ever written. No, heaviness is NOT about being fast, loud and playing a lot of incredible riffs, “heaviness” refers to the atmosphere a song can create. The atmosphere in this song is incredibly heavy. Sounds a lot like Isis. Awesome stuff.

    Atlantic (5/5): Beautiful. Pretty much ’nuff said. This is great stuff, and unlike the other “metal fans” on here, I’m not afraid to admit it.

    For miles (perfect): Best song on the album, and IMO the best song Thrice has ever written to date. The song keeps changing, keeps building, until all energy is released in the breathtaking outro. If I would be given a choice to take ONE song on an iPod with me to a deserted island, it’d be this one.

    Hold fast hope (5/5): Great. The most agressive song on the album, the intro just slaps you in the face.

    Music box (5/5): Second best song on the album. Nothing special about it, it’s just executed in a way that makes it irresistible. The music box that plays throughout the whole song makes me shiver, and the rest of the song fills me with happiness. If this CD had only For Miles and Music Box on it, I’d still have bought it.

    Like moths to flame (4/5): I’m giving this a 4 because I just can’t give every song on an album a 5. This just is a little less appealing than the other ones. Still way ahead anything the competition can throw at these guys.

    Of dust and nations (5/5): I’m repeating myself, but this is great stuff. The way the song starts will give anyone goosebumps. That’s a good thing.

    Stand and feel your worth (4/5): Just like “Like moths to flame”, this song is a little less good than the other ones. Great outro.

    Red sky (5/5): Best way to ever end an album. The end of this song will fill the coldest heart with joy.

    This CD, to me, is the best thing Thrice has ever done. Buy it, if you are dissapointed, you obviously do not have an open mind. The thing to do is sell it, not whine about it. And try again when you’re matured.

    Posted on February 23, 2010