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  • I’m one of the old fans of Thrice, one of those blown away by “Identiy Crisis” and “Illusion of Safety”. Like the others said, these guys are very talented…but are now a completely different band. If you listen to the tracks and pretend that it is not the old Thrice, its not such a bad album.
    HOWEVER, for those of you old fans that were disturbed by the transformation that presented itself in “The Artist in the Ambulance”, that was the tip and “Vheissu” is the iceberg in its entirety. Teppei’s guitaring has been reduced to a BGM (this hurts the most as I am a guitarist), the drumming has become very mundane…the list goes on.

    In conclusion, if this is your first look at Thrice, go for it by all means. For old fans, lets just say that I’m demoting them to Twice.

    Posted on February 23, 2010