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Victims of Deception

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  • Too bad the scale only goes to five stars… Up until a few days ago, I thought that bands like Metallica were as thrashy as they come. Now, since I’ve listened to these guys, thrash metal has taken on a more refined definition. Heathen combines some downright heavy thrash with Judas Priest’s harmonizing guitars, booming drums and a Bruce Dickinson-like vocalist. However, it’s not just mindless, blazing guitars, either. The lyrics are powerful and relevant to today’s twisted society. “Hypnotized” condemns televangelists- “Fools give money to the church, to earn their place with God…” and “Morbid Curiosity” explores the media’s attraction to death and suffering of other people. The songs have a good variation in their sound and the music changes pace constantly. For more intelligent thrash, buy this album. There’s no dissapoinment involved, especially if you still think Kirk Hammett can play fast.

    Posted on March 5, 2010