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Victims of Deception

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  • Heathen is bar none the best kept secret in Thrash Metal. If you listen to any kind of Metal, you must purchace this as soon as possible. It took me ten years to find this masterpiece on CD. I bought this on tape in the early 90’s, and then someone stole it. It’s now available on Amazon {THANK YOU}, so you better buy it right now….

    If you thought Metallica was the best Thrash Metal band out of the SF Bay Area, think again. Heathen blows Metallica to shreads in my humble opinion…

    “Victims” is like “Justice” on steroids, and it’s so unfortunate that a great band like Heathen never got the recognition they so highly deserved. Buy it now!!! You can thank me later…

    Posted on March 5, 2010