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Victory Songs

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  • Victory songs is the first effort without one of the original members jari. Who was one of the lead guitarist and was the lead vocalist. Replacing him is peter lindross the lead vocalist and guitarist of norther. The big question is what the impact of jaris departure would do to the sound of ensiferum. Im happy to say not much has changed. While their self titled debut is still my favorite victory songs is very good but short of a masterpiece. While still of the most uniuqe bands in metal blending their folk elements with melodic death metal, sometimes bordering on black metal. Which they do very well. Some of the experimentation which i found so great on their first two releases is gone. Victory Songs is my favorite at over ten minutes long it is one of the more experimental tracks. Great riffs,vocals, and a great chorus with the great pure folkish sounding vocals i like so much about their sound assure that it remains captivating throughout. Deathbringer from the sky is another example of metallic greatness as is raised by the sword. The other songs while not bad i feel are not as good. The main complaint i have about Victory Songs is lack of experimentation which i always found and exciting and great part of their sound. For fans of ensiferum this another great release by one of the most dependable bands in metal at this point for others i would start with their self titled debut.

    Posted on February 2, 2010