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  • VILE is the first album from the Corpse to feature George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals. It’s more accessible than their pre- THE BLEEDING releases and the lyrics and vocals are actually legible. The album starts off well with DEVOURED BY VERMIN steamrolling out of your speakers and practically bludgeoning you into oblivion. It’s one of my favorite Corpse tracks. Other standouts are MUMMIFIED IN BARBED WIRE and DISFIGURED. The lyrics have become broader in scope and are not so preoccupied with sexual violence and violence against women in general. It’s not that I am offended, they can write whatever they like, it’s their democratic right and they should use it. They don’t have the SPCS breathing down their necks like Kiwis do. However on VILE the Corpse move into B-movie gore territory. Great guitar work. Noise never sounded so good. Maybe one day Herschell Gordon Lewis will make a movie inspired by a Corpse song. That would be cool: HAMMER SMASHED FACE, DEVOURED BY VERMIN, BLOOD DRENCHED EXECUTION. With the stamp of Lewis or Fulci on them… Well, I can dream.

    Posted on December 4, 2009