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Violence Has Arrived

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  • I pre-ordered this album …, so I have had about a week or so to listen to and think about this album, and I am confident when I say that this is the best album that GWAR has ever done. Many of their previous albums have had alot of songs which were just flat out bad (Carnival of Chaos anyone?). I have literally listened to Violence has Arrived constantly since I received it. This album is by far the heaviest album they have ever done, and every song is brutally sick and disgusting, yet at the same time wildly hilarious. Here’s a few short lyrics from various songs, so you can see what I mean:From “Bloody Mary”Bloody MarySlutty? Very…I treat my girlfriends even better than Chuck Berry….The mutant we made was really beautiful baby,We fingered and touched himAnd sprayed him with rabies.From “Biledriver” (my favorite)All is for me to destroy,and emptiness employI want to murder everyone in the entire world.Every man and woman, every boy and every girl…The young are simply too dumb to liveThe old are weak and uncleanThe ones in the middle they also must dieTheir ways are obtuse and obsceneBiledriver!Bring forth the Biledriver!From “Abyss of Woe” (my second favorite)(something I can’t make out) attracted great scornBut we ventured onwards through the Tundra of TorSoon I had attracted a posse of trollsWho’d grown fat and sloppy from the roasting of souls.But we were surrounded at the Valley of KrynnAnd it was a battle we never could winBut still I hacked madly with my back to the wallHeeding the horn of my futile callThe mutilated millions I was born to appallHeads leaped from shoulders as they flock to the mall.The Song of Words is also quite hilarious. It’s more spoken than sung, and it’s basically Oderus recounting a brutal killing spree that he, Balsac, Flattus, and Jizmak embarked on where they killed OJ Simpson and “Regis” (I guess he’s referring to Regis Philbin?) (and trust me, they go into a lot of detail about the specific causes of death)Anyway, You get the idea, buy the album. It will definitely tear you a new one.

    Posted on February 9, 2010