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Violence Has Arrived

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  • Violence Has Arrived is billed as Gwar’s return to form, but that’s not entirely valid. The metal presented here doesn’t feel much like Scumdogs or America at all; instead, it’s a lot cleaner and self-controlled, staying within its musical boundaries. That’s not to say it’s bad at all; rather, this angry quasi-concept album focusing on killing, killing, and more killing features some of the most enjoyable Gwar songs in recent memory. The war-chant at the beginning of Abyss of Woe should get any viking fan pumped up, while Oderus’ eloquent enunciation in Anti-Anti-Christ (“Your domes..”) and Apes of Wrath (“Moats..Boats”) is simply stupendous. The only thing missing here are the concept songs, but efforts like Happy Death Day and The Song of Words are *almost* enough to allow one to forget about such narrative omissions. If Violence Has Arrived is any indication of Gwar to come (sounds safe, but what Gwar album has emulated its predecessor?), things are looking great. Highlights: Abyss of Woe, Anti-Anti-Christ, Happy Death Day, Bloody Mary.

    Posted on February 9, 2010