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Violence Has Arrived

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  • Gwar has returned with a spattered new album. The much maligned ‘joke songs’ are missing ( they went on the DBX cd )but there are still clever, satirical lyrics to be had. The varying musical styles of the past few albums have been replaced with pure, hardcore metal. I personally miss the extreme silliness, but this cd is still a great effort.The assault begins with ‘Hell-Intro’and doesn’t let up until the eighth track ‘Licksore’, a hilarious account of a lonely single woman and her starving cat.This is followed by ‘Bloody Mary’which has more of a rock n roll feel.The assault revs up again until the humorous ‘rap’ track ‘The Song of Words’.Gwar says goobye with ‘Happy Death Day’a goofy track that leaves ya smilin. Gwar has proven they can still thrash with the best and haven’t gone soft. I saw a show from this tour, and wish I could say the theatrics are as good as the album, but here’s where not doing the usual ‘concept’ album didn’t work…..we miss ya Slimey. If you like gwar, buy ‘Violence’, if you like no-holds barred metal, you should buy it too…hell, everybody should buy it.

    Posted on February 9, 2010