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Violent Revolution

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  • I’ve been a huge Kreator fan for a long time. Since “Pleasure to Kill” was their newest album. And I love most of their albuns with the exeption of “Renewall” which is good but not great. I am one of the few Kreator fans to have really enjoyed “Endorama”. However I could not help feeling really thrilled when I put this album in my CD player. KREATOR IS BACK WITH A VENGENCE !!!!!! It’s Kreator doing what they always did best, being agressive. Mille’s vocals still sound just like what they did in Extreme Agression or Comma of Souls, Ventor shows why he should never have left in the first place and he pounds his drums with amazing speed and skill. The guitar work is impecable and Kreator’s trade mark catchie riffs are everywhere. An instant classic, and a must have for any one who is a Thrash fan. You will not be able to keep your head still.

    Posted on December 26, 2009