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Virgin Killer

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2008 Japanese reissue of their 1977 studio album, a 20- bit remaster. Contains all nine original tracks,including ’In Your Park’, ’Backstage Queen’ & ’Virgin Killer’. Please note, this does not feature the uncensored cover, which is no longer available. BMG. 2008.

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  • The Scorps are finally getting somewhere. Roth has written better songs and the succes was unbelievable!! Logical, if you listen to the album, you’ll understand. ‘Pictured Life’ is such a wonderful number, and ‘Catch Your Train’ really rocks!! ‘In Your Park’ is a masterpiece, really. This is one of the ballads that don’t get me bored. ‘Backstage Queen’ sounds good, and ‘Virgin Killer’ is very nice (well done Roth!). But next time, Meine may keep his voice down. ‘Hell Cat’ is short, but it is beautiful. ‘Crying Days’ is also a nice ballad, and ‘Polar Nights’, well, I don’t like the voice very good, but I can get along with it. The music is still nice, you know. ‘Yellow Raven’, this IS a ballad that makes me bored. Maybe I need to listen to it more than just 37 times, but……
    Keep On Rocking!

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The low rating does not refer to the quality of the songs in this album, which is, of course, a total Scorpions classic. The low rating is to thsi edition especifically. It is not remastered, the sound is crap, one of the worst transfers from LP to CD that I have witnessed. Just be warned.

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the album that contains the Scorpions best guitar playing ever courtesy of Uli Jon Roth. The track “Pictured Life” screams out of the blocks with a burst of harmony guitar lines and is carried forward by Rudolf Schenker’s abrasive rhythm work and Roth’s fast descending trills. “Catch your train” is an uptempo rocker that features Roth’s extremely fast sixteenth-note and blazing Mixolydian-mode runs. The best song is “In your Park” where Roth demonstrates the art of using arpeggios within a rock solo. Roth proves to be technically well ahead of his peers with this album. His style of playing didn’t enjoy widespread use until the mid eighties. If you like old school metal guitar, you’ll love this.

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the first scorpions album I’ve bought feauturing guitarist Uli Roth. Right away i could tell a distinct difference between these scorpions and future scorpions. Was the change for the better? Read my review.

    1. Pictured Life- Right away this song became my favorite track on the album. Right away you get a good taste of Uli Roth on lead guitar and I have to say, its amazing and fits perfectly with the music. I really noticed how they made excellent music transitions between the verses and the chorus. Its obvious they spent a lot of time on this song. Also very catchy lyrics and chorus. What else could you ask for in a song.

    2. Catch your train- Nice fast paced rocker here. Klaus Meine lets out some excellent wails in this song especially in the chorus. After the first chorus Uli Roth Plays some great lead guitar. His solo is even better. Another track that has yet to age on me.

    3. In your Park-First ballad of the album. I thought it sounded good, just mediocre compared to the scorpions later ballads. Uli Roth provides some great back up vocals. The first time I’ve ever heard him sing. Overall its still a good song, even if it doesnt compare to “Still Loving You”.

    4. Back Stage Queen-This is a song about leaving his girl to go out on the road which was a typical song topic in his time. The song is pretty good, not the greatest, but certainly not bad. Nothing really stood out for me in this song and it will show in my review score.

    5. Virgin Killer- Wow. This song really explodes in your explodes, in a good way of cource. Songs like these were reasons why klaus had to get surgery. The instant I heard this chorus I was thinking, “My god, this sounds just like “My Michelle” by Guns N Roses” But scorpions came out with this song first so whose copying who.

    6. Crying Days- The song in this song is incredible and has an eerie echo to it. Other than that, I dont have much to say about this song. It has pretty good flow, better rythym guitar. I do like the end when hes singing “You and Meeeeeee” Overall its still a good song.

    7. Hell Cat- First track on the album featuring Uli Roth on the mic. I dont think his guitar has ever sounded better. Right away I noticed this isn’t the Scorpions I know and love. Has weird as this song sounds, I can’t help but listen to this song over and over again. It will make you smile. Almost sounds like something the “Beastie Boys” would do .

    8. Polar Nights-oooooo I love the intro in this song. Once again Mr. Roth sings this song. I like it but without Klaus it sounds like a completely different band. Besides Uli on guitar, nothing really stands out for me in this song. An ok listen for me.

    9.Yellow Raven- Very hypnotic. Scorpions always have had a knack for ending their albums with a hypnotic ballad and this album is no different. Klaus leads the way and the band follows as he sings his way to a song that can put you to sleep , not because its boring but because its so soothing.

    After hearing this album it’s tough for me to say if I like the scorpions better without Uli Roth. Though this album was good, there were only 3 stand out songs for me. If Uli never left the band, I wonder if the Scorpions ever would become famous. Its hard to depict if him leaving was the best for the scorpions but I do know hes an amazing guitarist and should never be forgotten. Overall, This album is a great buy. Though its not my favorite scorpions album, Its definitly worth hearing How Scorions sounded with Uli Roth

    Posted on February 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The first thing i ever listened to with Jon Uli Roth was Taken By Force, i loved every minute of it. I though this guy sounded a hell of a lot like Hendrix but heavier and more experimental, in comes Virgin Killer in my music collection. HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST! Uli and the Scorps really hit the nail on the head with this one!, probably THE BEST 70’s hardrock/metal album ever (tied with Taken By Force, i love them both a lot)commited to wax, and i say this in the face of Led Zepplins IV, Sabbath’s Paranoid, Deep Purple’s Machine Head, any UFO or KISS album, it doesn’t matter, Virgin Killer KILL’S THEM ALL! The fourth album from the scorpions released in 1977 was their first truely outstanding album, FLY TO THE RAINBOW and INTRANCE were great, but THIS out-did everything before it (and arguabley since it). “Pictured Life” is one of the best album starters ever,with it’s hendrixian wahs and pull offs. Favorite songs are the title cut, Pitured Life, In Your Park, Back Stage Queen, Polar Nights and Yellow Raven. If you are a fan of the 80’s commercial Scorpions, you probably won’t like this that much, this is a far cry from the “lets rockout, lets party, lets make love” song writting from the Scorpions insipid pop metal era in the 80’s, this is artistic/hendrix style metal of the 70’s. This and Taken By Force are their best records. There isn’t much i can add to what the others here have said (they are all right) but it is a down right tradgedy that this band (along with Judas Preist i might add) was once art/expeimental metal with depth and now is “rocking us like a hurricane”

    Posted on February 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now