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Virgin Killer

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  • The first thing i ever listened to with Jon Uli Roth was Taken By Force, i loved every minute of it. I though this guy sounded a hell of a lot like Hendrix but heavier and more experimental, in comes Virgin Killer in my music collection. HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST! Uli and the Scorps really hit the nail on the head with this one!, probably THE BEST 70’s hardrock/metal album ever (tied with Taken By Force, i love them both a lot)commited to wax, and i say this in the face of Led Zepplins IV, Sabbath’s Paranoid, Deep Purple’s Machine Head, any UFO or KISS album, it doesn’t matter, Virgin Killer KILL’S THEM ALL! The fourth album from the scorpions released in 1977 was their first truely outstanding album, FLY TO THE RAINBOW and INTRANCE were great, but THIS out-did everything before it (and arguabley since it). “Pictured Life” is one of the best album starters ever,with it’s hendrixian wahs and pull offs. Favorite songs are the title cut, Pitured Life, In Your Park, Back Stage Queen, Polar Nights and Yellow Raven. If you are a fan of the 80’s commercial Scorpions, you probably won’t like this that much, this is a far cry from the “lets rockout, lets party, lets make love” song writting from the Scorpions insipid pop metal era in the 80’s, this is artistic/hendrix style metal of the 70’s. This and Taken By Force are their best records. There isn’t much i can add to what the others here have said (they are all right) but it is a down right tradgedy that this band (along with Judas Preist i might add) was once art/expeimental metal with depth and now is “rocking us like a hurricane”

    Posted on February 3, 2010