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Virgin Killer

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  • The Scorps are finally getting somewhere. Roth has written better songs and the succes was unbelievable!! Logical, if you listen to the album, you’ll understand. ‘Pictured Life’ is such a wonderful number, and ‘Catch Your Train’ really rocks!! ‘In Your Park’ is a masterpiece, really. This is one of the ballads that don’t get me bored. ‘Backstage Queen’ sounds good, and ‘Virgin Killer’ is very nice (well done Roth!). But next time, Meine may keep his voice down. ‘Hell Cat’ is short, but it is beautiful. ‘Crying Days’ is also a nice ballad, and ‘Polar Nights’, well, I don’t like the voice very good, but I can get along with it. The music is still nice, you know. ‘Yellow Raven’, this IS a ballad that makes me bored. Maybe I need to listen to it more than just 37 times, but……
    Keep On Rocking!

    Posted on February 4, 2010