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Visual Audio Sensory Theater

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  • I believe so. He’s the best one man band since Trent Reznor came onto the scene with “Pretty Hate Machine” back in ‘89. “Visual Audio Sensory Theater” is a rare achievement in Rock music. It’s epic and intimate, beautiful and dark, and can rock while still being delicate. Filled with Gregorian chants, guitars that can both rock and be lush, beautiful electronics, touching lyrics and vocals, and a dark-dare I say, almost Gothic-background, this is the type of album that should be at the top of the charts, not bands like Matchbox 20. You’ve probably heard “Touched” and “Pretty When You Cry” before without knowing it. “Touched” has been on the show “Angel” before as well as other various tv shows and movies. Those are the obvious two highlight here, but others such as “Flames”, “Here”, and “The Niles Edge” are all just as good. The instruments are perfect. Jon plays the majority of the instruments, and the way he mixes everything together is astounding. His voice is also something that leaves me in awe. When he sings in “Flames”, an amazing ballad with the best cello solo I’ve ever heard, you cannot help but think he’s next in line for critical praise like Trent Reznor and Thom Yorke get. His lyrics are amazing, too (“I went into the ocean, I came looking for some love, all I found is that I found I haven’t found enough” from “Temptation”), epecially considering this is just his first effort. There isn’t one bad song here, I can’t recommend this CD enough, I also can’t wait for their/his new one coming out soon.

    Posted on November 17, 2009