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Visual Audio Sensory Theater

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  • The debut of Vast, “Visual Audio Sensory Theator”, is just what it describes. Twelve tracks that will stimulate your senses and emotions in every which way. Jon Crosby goes through an emotional roller coaster in this album, from pain to ambience, sadness to elation, sin and regret to hope and redemption, and he brings you along for the ride. Vast’s music, particulary on this their debut album, is nothing that radio or MTV could ever appreciate in my opinion. It is intelligent, thought-provoking, edgy and genuinely emotional.. here is a list of the songs and a short description of each:1. “Here”, the album starts with a driving dark industrial song 8/10 2. “Touched”, An amazing array of ambient rock and industrial,Crosby’s vocals and composure shine brightly 10/103. “Dirty Hole”, Eerie sampling and strong vocals; haunting 8/104. “Pretty When You Cry”, A haunting bliss of gothic/industrial; an ecclectic video for this song 9/105. “I’m Dying”, A delve into spiritual comfort and confusion; a slow, heavy, melodic song 10/106. “Flames”, A love song on another level; beautifully composed, vocals by Crosby again are amazing 10/107. “Temptation”, A driving, emotional song about lust and heavy temptations 10/108. “Three Doors”, A very rhythmic and even catchy song 9/109. “Niles Edge”, Somber and surreal; brilliant vocals and sampling 10/1010. “Somewhere else to be”, Song of soul searching; again Crosby delivers with thought-provoking, melodic, and versatile vocal talent 9/1011. untitled, an instrumental masterpiece of progressive rock with choir vocals from Catholic monks 10/1012. “You”, A beautiful ambient song, Crosby’s vocals set the tone of hope and love 10/10 total, 113/120All in all just an amazing album from Vast that will keep you listening, thinking, and feeling.

    Posted on November 17, 2009