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Visual Audio Sensory Theater

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  • When i first listened to VAST last summer i pushed the CD beside, for some oddball reason. But then I picked it up a few weeks later after hearing it and began to listen to it again and I found myself litterally in awe over it. There is so much depth and truth to each song on VISUAL AUDIO SENSORY THEATER. It’s not your typical alternative CD. There’s a choir in it, instruments that you never hear in your life, and just little things that makes you fall in love with the CD. I think that the most captivating thing is Jon Crosby’s voice. It’s deep, moving and it has so much feeling and emotion to it. When he sings Touched it makes me want to cry. His voice can be powerful, yet soft. His voice can describe so many emotions: Depression, lost love, sadness, frustration, you name it. For the life of me i can not understand why VAST has not gotten more airplay. The only song that I heard on the radio was Touched. And when that was playing it was one of those songs where you like it but you don’t ever find out who the group is. Thank God i finally did. 8-DTheir new album is coming out September 3, and their new single, Free is out being played on the radio. It was on the top 9 at 9 on 89x in Michigan. Maybe this time around people will know who VAST is and notice how good and important of a band they realy are. First of all you can’t compare them to anyone else. THey have their own sound, and just everything about them is soooooo different and sooooooo awesome. Geeze o peet they really amaze me. aNd you can kind of tell that they blow everyone else away too if you read some of the other customer reviews on here.VAST is right up there with Radiohead in my own opinion. Go out and buy VAST’s two CDs. LISTEN to thier new Song Free. Trust me you will be amazed and in awe over the power VAST brings to the radio.

    Posted on November 18, 2009