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Viva Emptiness

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  • In my opinion this is Katatonia’s best album. I’m not much for the old death/doom style of their first two albums and the three albums previous to this featured a development of their style which came to its zenith in “Viva Emptiness.” Only their album “Night is the New Day” comes close (though does not reach) the quality of the songs here.
    Katatonia’s style is difficult to describe. I like to think of them as a very hard and dark Pink Floyd, though their is no denying that some of their songs (Like the single from this album “Ghost of the Sun”) show influences of death and doom metal.
    “Viva Emptiness” also has a more rock/alternative rock feel then many of their other albums, which comes out on tracks like “Evidence,” which in my opinion is one of the best tracks by the band from any album and “Complicity,” another great track as well. As well as having 5 real standout tracks (“Evidence, the darkly haunting “Criminals,” “Complicity”, the acoustic “Omerta” and “Ghost of the Sun,” “Viva Emptiness” features a number of good tracks as well, making it one o the best Katatonia albums from beginning to end.

    Posted on December 21, 2009