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Respected, influential, sometimes difficult, usually godlike, & always amazing. The most creative band to master the metal form, their thirteenth album includes founding members Denis D’Amour, Michel Langevin, Denis Belanger, & former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. Digipak. Chophouse/Surfdog. 2003. With their 13th full-length album, Voivod welcome back original vocalist Denis Belanger, and bring on board none other than Jason Newsted of Metallica fame. They’re clearly enjoying a fresh lease on life. Indeed, here they recall the rough and punky days of the new wave of British heavy metal. With ”Rebel Robot,” though, they rediscover their old rhythm-shifting form. ”The Multiverse”’s echoing, head-spinning intro evolves into a complex monster, as Belanger howls about the incomprehensible enormity of everything. He rises to the occasion yet again during the discordant but melodic ”Divine Sun” and the churning, shape-shifting ”Invisible Planet.” Occasionally, they drift into more conventional heavy rock, and one wishes they’d included some sonic experimentation along the lines of the grim and freaky extra track that follows the apparent closer ”We Carry On.” Nevertheless, their new-found exuberance is a joy to witness and, hopefully, the presence of Newsted will help them find them an overdue large following. –Dominic Wills

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  • Sometime in August, Voivod guitarist Denis D’Amour (a.k.a. Piggy) fell ill to cancer. Later, on August 26th, he succumbed to his illness. This really blows. Denis was an amazing guitarist. He made overrated players Kirk Hammet and Kurt Cobain seem like they were playing with broken fingers. He also had more talent in his c**k than any AND every nu-metal, metalcore, Christian metal, emo, pop, rap, and pop-punk artist COMBINED. He is gone but CERTAINLY not forgotten. (Damn, why are so many metal giants dying? Why can’t cancer, alcoholism, murderers, natural disasters, etc. have killed f***s like 50 cent or Ashlee Simpson?) Buy this album NOT just because it’s great, but also because to kepp Piggy’s memory alive. Here are some instructions…

    1. Put this CD in your stereo.
    2. Crank the volume up to maximum.
    3. BLAST the song “Gasmask Revival”.

    R.I.P. Denis “Piggy” D’Amour
    1960 – 2005

    Now if you excuse me, I’ll get my hands on my copy of this CD and listen to the solos that are no more…

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • What happened to the cool time shifts and odd chords? What happened to the cool lyrics? The weird effects? Thanks to Jason, Voivod may become a commercial sellout. :( All the things that he himself liked originally about this band may be killed by his influence. I was really hoping for another Nothingface but got something really dull.

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a big fan of Voivod since “Killing Technology” (I still think 1988’s “Nothingface” is one of the best metal albums of all time), and was eagerly anticipating this album. I wasn’t sure what to expect–would this continue Voivod’s return to thrash a la “Phobos” & “Negatron” but with Snake on vocals instead of the death metal growlings of former singer/bassist Eric Forest (which never fit the band well IMHO), would it mark a return to their earlier concept album format, or something entirely new? After one listen, I had my answer–it seemed to be a return to the more commercialized sound of 1993’s “The Outer Limits” but with even more formulaic hard rock touches. Although I like that album, I always thought it was a step backwards for Voivod in some ways, and at least “The Outer Limits” had the 18 minute prog rock homage “Jack Luminuous” to keept things interesting.This album didn’t really do much to keep my attention, so after being a bit disappointed I didn’t listen to it again for a few months, and recently came back to it. I was hoping for the same experience I had with “Angel Rat,” where I initially didn’t care for it but came to appreciate it after repeated listening. This album is starting to grow on me now, but in a way that previous Voivod albums haven’t–the catchy melodies are more memorable than any progressive musical ideas. There are still obvious elements of Voivod’s progressive sci-fi roots (both musically and lyrically), but this certainly isn’t a breakthrough album in their discography. But I remain hopeful that with Snake back where he belongs that the future will lead to even better things from Voivod.

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Yes Jason Newsted is the new bass player in Voivod…and so?Voivod has always been an extremely creative band and still is!Snake back on vocals, voivod continues where it stopped with the outer limits(Not that Negatron or Phobos were bad, just more casual).Using complex rythms, twisted compos and intergalactical sounds, this album starts with a song that could have been on the “Angelrat” album and as you go thru the album the tracks gets more and more dark, complex…voivod.Always somewhere in between Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Slayer and Kreator, but from another galaxy…Newsted has always been a fan of Voivod and he complety respects and understand their work, he could have contacted Bob Rock to produce the album, but Voivod needs that “underground” sound, it is part of the atmosphere.The only bad point would be the mix of the voice, it feels like Snake didn’t yell loud enough and they push the voice at the mix, but after a couple of listenings you get use to it.Of course for those who will discover Voivod with this album thanks to Jasonic might be dissapointed, but then again if you’re open-minded enough you’ll enjoy that fantastic band who started at the same time as Metallica but chose a radically different path.Some great artwork from Away in the booklet!Let’s hope Jasonic will bring thousands of new fans to voivod, they deserve it!

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a Voivod listener since Killing Technology first came out, and a fan since Dimension Hatross (when Snake finally did something with his voice besides scream incoherently). I think Hatross, Nothingface, Angel Rat and Outer Limits are all absolutely brilliant, and it made me ill when new bassist/vocalist Eric Forrest destroyed my memories of classic Voivod with Negatron, Kronic, Phobos (which at least was interesting musically) and Voivod Lives. Thank all the gods Snake is back on lead vocals for this one.This isn’t where they left off with Outer Limits–the sound is much more stripped down, the vocals more out-front and less buried under layers of sound. That being said, the vocals are great, very understandable, and the lyrics are Snake’s usual thoughtful stuff. The rest of the band, including newcomer Jason “Jasonic” Newsted, fits perfectly, weaving that spacey sonic tapestry that is uniquely Voivodian. Standout tracks include “Rebel Robot” and the single “We Carry On”..hopefully we’ll see the video of this one…haven’t seen a Voivod video on MTV since Angel Rat gave us “Panorama”. Voivod is go buy the album!! Now!

    Posted on March 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now