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  • Yes Jason Newsted is the new bass player in Voivod…and so?Voivod has always been an extremely creative band and still is!Snake back on vocals, voivod continues where it stopped with the outer limits(Not that Negatron or Phobos were bad, just more casual).Using complex rythms, twisted compos and intergalactical sounds, this album starts with a song that could have been on the “Angelrat” album and as you go thru the album the tracks gets more and more dark, complex…voivod.Always somewhere in between Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Slayer and Kreator, but from another galaxy…Newsted has always been a fan of Voivod and he complety respects and understand their work, he could have contacted Bob Rock to produce the album, but Voivod needs that “underground” sound, it is part of the atmosphere.The only bad point would be the mix of the voice, it feels like Snake didn’t yell loud enough and they push the voice at the mix, but after a couple of listenings you get use to it.Of course for those who will discover Voivod with this album thanks to Jasonic might be dissapointed, but then again if you’re open-minded enough you’ll enjoy that fantastic band who started at the same time as Metallica but chose a radically different path.Some great artwork from Away in the booklet!Let’s hope Jasonic will bring thousands of new fans to voivod, they deserve it!

    Posted on March 5, 2010