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Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

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  • This is easily my favorite album, but I must admit that it’s a lot different from their first two albums. This CD isn’t as heavy as Iowa and their self-titled album, but I think it has a lot more personality. A lot of songs in the album, such as The Blister Exists and Pulse of the Maggots, keep up their beloved loud and extreme sound; but other ones like Vermillion and Circle are softer and more gentle, revealing new notes that I never knew Corey could hit (it occurs to me that if Corey felt like becoming a mainstream rock or emo singer he’d probably be even more rich and famous than he is now, I’m glad he’s with Slipknot). I think this album is their best yet, it has more personality than the first two and it really reaches out to me as a person.

    But, like I said, it’s a lot different from the first two albums. If you compare this CD with their first one they sound like they’re from two completely different bands! Slipknot’s second CD, Iowa, is a nice transition between the two, so if you’ve never actually listened to Slipknot before I recomend that you buy that one first, as it is a good example of their music and probably the most favored amoung their fans. But in the case of this CD it can go both ways, some people (like me) absolutely love it and think it’s Slipknot’s best work yet, and others think that Slipknot’s lost their touch. I suggest that you buy all their CDs and make your own assumption, as it can get a bit confusing with a bunch of people writing reviews that say this CD sucks and you shouldn’t get it and other people saying that it rocks and you should get it.

    As for the “Special Edition” part, I don’t really understand their need to release a special version of their CD. Although this one has more features than the original Subliminal Verses they’re basically the same, so I recommend that you buy this one if you haven’t yet purchased The Subliminal Verses because it is a little better than the original. If you have gotten the original already, it’s your descision whether or not to get this one; but if you have some extra cash, you should strongly consider it. But I think it’s a pretty dirty trick to make us buy another CD almost exactly like the original, which most of us got a while ago, why couldn’t they add all their extra stuff on their first Subliminal Verses?

    Posted on December 2, 2009