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  • My thoughts won’t be for this album in particular, but for all the new black metal musical direction. Many bands such as Darkthrone, Mayhem, Arcturus, Kovenant, Ulver, Thorns, have set sail to a kind of avant-garde musical expression, and Satyricon is in the front waging the flag. I love the old school black metal, the washed out and harsh recordings done overnight in a necrohell 4-track machine, but you can only keep pushing the cart for so long. It gets to a point where it may get boring seeing the outbreak of mediocre imitators that lack completely the essence of true black metal – which for me is simply express a deep feeling of anger, dispair and nihilism, no matter the musical form. Sooner or later you have to stop kicking the same dead horse, and take on a new approach, and that new approach is what you see in this work from Satyricon, and from many of the extremely skilled norwegian black metallers. A modern sound, keeping the familiar touch of grimness and coldness I have always loved, without falling into the cliche trends of techno and other stuff, that even though is valid, some bands just abuse of those resources.

    So, all in all, I fully embrace this new approach from all these guys, not only Satyricon: a fresh sound, a break from the boring music being released nowadays.

    Posted on December 4, 2009