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Volkerball (Limited Edition)

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  • (Hed) Pe pride themselves in their station as a rap-metal hybrid who aren t just about a predictable guitar assault with a few tossed in rhymes. The California band truly exists as both hip-hop innovators and metal provocateurs (mixing in a few other styles to boot). It s a mixture best appreciated in the live setting, and the 2008 record (as paired with a DVD) brings you as close to the experienc


2 live CDs, 1 live DVD, 1 documentary DVD

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  • I’ve been a R+ fan for over 10 years and have almost every R+ product available. I was so excited to get this-the photo album is beautiful. The videos of the concerts blow you away-especially when you see the fans faces and hear them talking about R+ from Moscow to Tokyo. Truly incredible. I cry everytime I watch the DVDs. Having seen them about 8 times-I was at the Nimes concert so to see the majority of it on a DVD, it’s like being back their again. I was front row and center and will never forget each and every concert I’ve seen-they are an amazing band. Can’t go a day without my Rammstein fix!!

    Posted on January 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you can’t set the world on fire, then at least set stages in Europe, Russia, and Japan ablaze. Rammstein puts on a show like no other band. And while North America may not get treated to their spectacle live, then we can enjoy the concerts captured here. The DVD in this set captures one full concert from France as well as moments from concers in England, Japan, and Russia. An Accompanying CD has 16 cuts from the Nimes concert (but if you get the 4 disc set, the two cds comprise the entire Nimes concert). The other DVD includes two documentaries.

    While the bells and whistles are nice for the price, the main concert DVD is the highlight. Rammstein is a first class group when it comes to performance – mainly for their pyrotechnics. But it’s not just setting things on fire or having flames rise from the stage. One of the highlights is Mein Teil, where Til takes a flamethrower to a pot containing keyboardist Flake and then chases him around on stage with a Microphone shaped like a knife. Elsewhere, Flake is seen riding a segway during Amerika while playing his keyboard, with confetti filled finale. And there’s no shortage of fire in the concert.

    But what makes the concert so special is that Rammstein are a classy metal act that actually performs decent songs, and as engaging as this live show is, they still perform the songs well and performance isn’t compromised by the spectacle on stage. The energy and enthusiasm of the audience is also captured well here during songs like Du Hast and Ich Will.

    I have to say that I’m not the biggest metal fan, but Rammstein has caught my eye because of their aesthetic appeal. But if this concert proves anything, it’s that they boast an incredible discography successfully combining dance and metal, have great lyrics, and also have a very dark sense of humor. All those elements show on this set and this concert is probably one of the best representations of the band.

    Posted on January 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is a superb set and the concerts themselves are excellent but to be honest American fans are being stuffed a bit by the ridiculous pricing of this package.
    This has been on sale here in Europe for a little while now at around £65.00,( about $110.00), so $170.00 is steep, even taking import costs into account,($60.00 p&p?!),
    The problem is that it has all but sold out now in Europe and is just about impossible to track down. Your only options are to try the official Rammstein website and see if they can deliver to the states, E-bay at equally high prices or give in and pay up for this.
    The one comfort if you feel you can’t live without it is that it is a quality package and the book is very well laid out. If you’re not too sure then go for the 2cd 2DVD package that includes the interesting documentary, you miss out on the book but thats all, and an extra $100 or more is a lot for any book.
    To be honest I haven’t written on the U.S Amazon site before I just felt it was a shame that American rock/ Rammstein fans weren,t being dealt with fairly with what is a great release.

    Posted on January 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m a huge fan and purchased this because it’s a collectors item and I was willing to pay the price. As stated in a previous review, if you have a region free DVD player (or a DVD-ROM drive in your computer), playback of the imported PAL set is not an issue. After researching, I was able to find Volkerball for $118 (US) plus shipping. After getting it in my hands and taking a look at this edition, I started thinking about the cost. The cost of the average newly released 2 CD set is approximately $25 to $30. The cost of the average newly released 2 DVD set is approximately $30 to $40 dollars. So separately you’d be looking at $55 to $70 just for those items. Add to that a 200 page collectors edition hard bound glossy photo book, and in my opinion, the asking price is not that outrageous. For those that want the music for a lower price, there are also Standard (1 CD / 1 DVD) and Limted (1 CD / 2 DVD) edition sets available for purchase.

    All that being said, the concert footage is outrageously intense and I loved every minute of it. The making of Reise, Reise documentary was interesting as was Anaconda in the Net. I’ve been listening to the CD’s for about a week now and plan on listening to them quite a bit more.

    Posted on January 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The price may have made me cry, but the cd itself is pretty amazing. The cuts from concerts all over the world are great! There’s alot of music here, and its all amazing!

    Posted on January 2, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now