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Volkerball (Limited Edition)

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  • This is a superb set and the concerts themselves are excellent but to be honest American fans are being stuffed a bit by the ridiculous pricing of this package.
    This has been on sale here in Europe for a little while now at around £65.00,( about $110.00), so $170.00 is steep, even taking import costs into account,($60.00 p&p?!),
    The problem is that it has all but sold out now in Europe and is just about impossible to track down. Your only options are to try the official Rammstein website and see if they can deliver to the states, E-bay at equally high prices or give in and pay up for this.
    The one comfort if you feel you can’t live without it is that it is a quality package and the book is very well laid out. If you’re not too sure then go for the 2cd 2DVD package that includes the interesting documentary, you miss out on the book but thats all, and an extra $100 or more is a lot for any book.
    To be honest I haven’t written on the U.S Amazon site before I just felt it was a shame that American rock/ Rammstein fans weren,t being dealt with fairly with what is a great release.

    Posted on January 2, 2010