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Volkerball (Limited Edition)

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  • If you can’t set the world on fire, then at least set stages in Europe, Russia, and Japan ablaze. Rammstein puts on a show like no other band. And while North America may not get treated to their spectacle live, then we can enjoy the concerts captured here. The DVD in this set captures one full concert from France as well as moments from concers in England, Japan, and Russia. An Accompanying CD has 16 cuts from the Nimes concert (but if you get the 4 disc set, the two cds comprise the entire Nimes concert). The other DVD includes two documentaries.

    While the bells and whistles are nice for the price, the main concert DVD is the highlight. Rammstein is a first class group when it comes to performance – mainly for their pyrotechnics. But it’s not just setting things on fire or having flames rise from the stage. One of the highlights is Mein Teil, where Til takes a flamethrower to a pot containing keyboardist Flake and then chases him around on stage with a Microphone shaped like a knife. Elsewhere, Flake is seen riding a segway during Amerika while playing his keyboard, with confetti filled finale. And there’s no shortage of fire in the concert.

    But what makes the concert so special is that Rammstein are a classy metal act that actually performs decent songs, and as engaging as this live show is, they still perform the songs well and performance isn’t compromised by the spectacle on stage. The energy and enthusiasm of the audience is also captured well here during songs like Du Hast and Ich Will.

    I have to say that I’m not the biggest metal fan, but Rammstein has caught my eye because of their aesthetic appeal. But if this concert proves anything, it’s that they boast an incredible discography successfully combining dance and metal, have great lyrics, and also have a very dark sense of humor. All those elements show on this set and this concert is probably one of the best representations of the band.

    Posted on January 2, 2010