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Volume 8: The Threat Is Real

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  • If I may offend Joey Belladonna fans, the best thing that Anthrax could have done is hired John Bush as their singer. Anthrax does their own thing and they do it well. John Bush is easily one of the best vocalists in all of rock. Don’t forget that in the early 80’s every single metal band was courting this guy to be thier singer including Metallica. He adds a fresh and melodious element to Anthrax’s music that is uncontrolably infectious. Vol.8 and Stomp442 are my 2 favorite albums of all time. Since John joined the band in ‘92 Anthrax’s music has been really hard to define. Prior to ‘92 they were strictly lumped into the thrash category but after John joined you can’t label them as that. The music is still really heavy and uptempo but the vocals have a melodious twist that makes it very non-linear un-like old thrash. These guys are paving the way for 21st century thrash like they did for 80’s thrash. If you’re afraid to buy this album because you think Anthrax is a washed up 80’s band; you’re sorely mistaken. Vol.8 as was Stomp 442 is a very innovative album that shows that Anthrax is clearly ahead of their time.

    Posted on March 9, 2010