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Volume 8: The Threat Is Real

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  • After the somewhat disappointing and forgettable Stomp 442, it is a breath of fresh A.I.R (haha) to hear this album! Everythng about this album is great, from the thunder of Charlie’s drums on the first song to the last heartfelt lyric of Frank on the last song. Simply put, one of the greatest Thrax albums of all time!1:Crush-This song opens with the gatling gun drums of Charlie Benante and the agressive, dark vocals of John Bush. As an opener and song it rivals even the might “Potters Field!” The melodies are sharp and cutting and go perfectly with the drums and vocals. Great song, just goddamn great!2:Catharsus-Another good song! Intelligent lyrics, and innovative guitars. A good seperater between Crush and the next song.3:Inside Out-Heavy like nothing else! This song tears through speakers! Fast drums and a solo that’s god like. It is, in my opinion, the best song on the album. Dimebag Darrel (PanterA) plays guitars on this one, only adding to the heaviness. The lyrics are powerful and angry, Bush has never sounded better!4:Piss & Vineger (P&V)-This song is fast and heavy, and though its predesscor towers over it, its filled with good riffs and provocative lyrics.5:604-Ah, the humor of Anthrax. Comic genius, enough said.6:Toast to the Extras-This song is another funny one. It’s done in an almost country style. Funny, but true lyrics. Good song.7:Born Again Idiot-Angry, very angry, I love it. Makes you glad your not whoever John is singing about in this song.8:Killing Box-Another angry one, made doubly so by the addition of Phil Anselmo (PanterA) on backing vocals. This song screams with ferocity and interesting guitar work.9:Harms Way-One of my favorites. This song starts slow and builds to a creshendo. A very melodic song, with sorta cryptic lyrics. The chorus is something to really admire musically.10:Hog Tied-This song is a tad disturbing, but good. The riffs are heavy and the drums are great.11:Big Fat-The only somewhat forgettable song on the album. Decent song, good, but nothing special.12:Cupajoe-Right up there with “Big Balls!” This one is a laugh riot, absolutely wonderful!13:Alpha Male-Catchy, heavy, a good well rounded song.14:Stealing From a Thief-Heavy, real heavy, with great lyrics. This song makes Bush soud just plain evil! Lyrics that are thoughful and cryptic, a solo similar to “Random Acts of Senseless Violence.” This song has it all, it speeds up halfway through for some great drums.15:Hidden Track-This is sung and written by Frank Bello. It’s about his departed brother. It is touching and heartfelt, a good way to end a great album.

    Posted on March 9, 2010