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  • Two’s Voyeurs has struck me as a serious, though often failed, foray into new territory for NWOBHM’s master vocalist. It’s not Judas Priest and it’s not Nine Inch Nails; thankfully, I don’t think that was ever the idea. The lyrics range from creepy to outlandishly stupid. However, Halford and company hit some high marks. The first three tracks are fairly catchy, though “I Am a Pig” and “Leave Me Alone” have some laughable lyrics. “Stutter Kiss” is killer — epic, and better than anything Priest has put out in recent memory. The first half of the album attempts to keep up appearances and keep up the maniacal image established by Al, Trent, and Alec. However, Halford did a more convincing job of this on ultimate Priest-cheese like “Night Crawler.” As Voyeurs drifts into “Down in the Ground,” the poorly assumed S/M veil of the first six tracks gives way to good, grinding, electronica-inflected, melodic songs…bordering on pop. On “Down in the Ground” and “Hey Sha-La-La,” Two find a suitable pairing of “Hell Bent for Leather” and “Kinda I Want To,” without sounding like Priest or Nails. I’d recommend the CD to those who want a Two album, not another Judas Priest or Nine Inch Nails album. Such listeners ought not to mind a little experimentation — even if it runs off the cheese meter now and again. If you’d like another Judas Priest album, I submit to you the near-artifact “Demolition,” where Priest try to be something they’re not with a singer whose vocals merely ape those of the greatest heavy metal voice of them all.

    Posted on February 13, 2010