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Wake Pig

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  • In a music industry oversaturated with black hair dye, ear plugs, studded belts and tight pants, a true music appreciator lies awake at night wondering what the destination of music will sound like. One’s music should not be based on looks, how big one’s tour bus is or how many shirts and posters you can sell at Hot Topic or Newbury Comics.

    I heard about 3 from their support from ,now, famous Coheed And Cambria. The backstory goes as follows; the singer and guitarist for 3, Joey Eppard is the older brother of Coheed And Cambria drummer/Weerd Science brainchild Josh Eppard. I actually heard Joey’s solo album “Been To The Future” before hearing any of 3’s releases. I remember the day I played “Balloon” and my friend and I were immediately floored. I thought to myself “how is this guy not all over the radio/television?” Joey Eppard truly is a living legend in the making.

    Onto the review part!

    This album is a re-release of a Planet Noise Records (now signed to Metal Blade Records) album. The only difference is the remastering and 2 new songs “One Way Town” and “Circus Without Clowns.” This album is so ecclectic and structurally diverse, it’s scary.

    1. Alien Angel 5/5 – good choice for an opener, it starts out very dark and atmospheric with a swirling guitar, airy vocals and hard hitting drums. There’s a dark breakdown that almost tells like a story, with this being the buildup. The chorus is catchy and Joey’s vocal ability at the end of the song is evident.

    2. Monster 5/5 – the intro is dreamy. Joey Eppard reveals his acoustic guitar skills. The great thing about this song is the mix of acoustic guitar and electric. The drums keep a nice steady beat. The lyrics are excellent. oh and the brief solo is reminiscent of Hendrix. Very spacey, almost dream-pop-rock song.

    3. Dregs 4/5 – the only reason this get’s a lower score than the last two is because they released the same song on “Summercamp Nightmare.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent song, but they could have mixed it differently. Again…here’s the mix of acoustic and electric. The gutiar riff is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Background vocals are what make this song. The mood of the song is very creepy. It’s a 3 classic.

    4. Wake Pig 5/5 – Holy lord. If this album ever wanted a single, this would be it. Bass line is awesome, the vocals are almost acrobatic. Chorus is so quirky and catchy. An excellent Pink-Floydesque breakdown and weird effect gives the song a new element. Not to mention the Iron Maiden like harmonizing guitars and solo. The vocal outro is gut-wrenching.

    5. Bramfutura 5+/5 – Joey on acoustic guitar. instrumental. What the hell planet is this guy from? I’ve never heard anything so technically proficient and creative in my life. Think Justin King meets Flamenco.

    6. Trust 5/5 – Without a doubt, my favorite song on the album. A little similar musically to Monster, but the vocal melody, and the tribal drums are much better. The breakdown, again is dark and scary (you probably shouldn’t listen to this album in the dark, it’s reminiscent of a horror movie or a nightmare)Blast beat drums and spooky almost windchime like sounds. Chorus is excellent, but the best part is the vocal outro again. “Look into my eyes at the price I’ve paid…” probably the best vocal melody I’ve ever heard.

    7. Dogs of War 4/5 – Acoustic guitar, airy, breathy vocals. Again another spacelike, dream-pop atmosphere. The lyrics are excellent.

    8. Soul To Sell 4/5 – Crazy atmospheric intro. Very 60’s feel to this song. Great rhythm and strange timing drums in this song. More Pink Floyd sounding.

    9. One Way Town 4/5 – Good bass, cool drums. There’s a vocal breakdown in this song that’s pretty phenominal.

    10. Queen 5/5 – This song is just insane. I can’t even really describe it. Tribal. It’s like a Native American drum circle at night during the apocalypse. Gartmann (the drummer) really goes crazy in this song.

    11. Circus Without Clowns 4/5 – Relaxing acoustic guitar and nintendo sounding background guitar. good solo. The vocals are beautiful.

    12. Where’s Max 5/5- Another crazy damn song simliar to Queen. There’s a guitar replication of a neighing horse in this song. Vocals provided by friend of the band Max Olsen. This song sounds like what you would get if The Red Hot Chilipeppers and Primus beat the snot out of each other in at a rave in the middle of the desert.

    13. Amazedisgrace 5+/5 – I can’t say enough good things about this song even though Joey has redone it about 3 times. This song is almost like an epic journey. Great beat, and almost latin sounding guitar. Also, there is a vocal breakdown part where Joey almost sounds Arabic. Then the song kicks back into full gear…

    there’s a few minutes of silence, then a nice treat for fans of the song “Trust” (LIKE ME!) with a little more Gartmann.

    If you get the chance, GO SEE THIS BAND LIVE, they are just as good in person as they are on record…I see a great future ahead for this band, great musicianship and incredible, limitless talent.

    Posted on November 16, 2009