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Wake Pig

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  • I’ve had this album for about 10 months now, I’ve seen this band live several times (they’re from the next town over), and have met and hung out with every member, it’s safe to say that there is no “Dash of Coheed and Cambria” here. In fact Coheed and Cambria began its career opening for 3. Some may recognize the last name Eppard, thats because both Josh (Coheeds drummer 1st three albums) and Joey are brothers. Josh is the original drummer for three, but in my oppinion was replaced by one of the greatest drummers of today, Gartdrumm. Many elements of 3’s influence can be heard in the tracks of Coheed and Cambria’s latest album, listen closely wherever there is acoustic guitar.

    Anyway, the 411 on this album:

    Track one, Alien Angel, is not only a highlight of this album, but of 3’s live performance as well. Heavy chorus’s, chilling verses, not much else to say, an excellent showcase of the bands ability to create a haunting mixture of Progressive Rock, Metal, and Psychedelic. Not to mention that the music video is quite entertaining as well.

    Track two “Monster” and track three “Dregs” meld together in a similiar groove, however still achieve that haunting mixture, while showcasing Eppards outstanding and unique acoustic guitar capabilities.

    Track four, five, and six, sort of run together, in the way that they are mixed that is. By no means does the sound get boring and meld. Track four “Wake Pig” starts off with an interesting drum beat into 3’s signature heaviness. This really was the first song on the album that I found truly epic, it ends and flows into Joey’s signature Slap-Flamenco track “Bramfatura.” After a few minutes of virtuosity, the track ends, setting the stage perfectly for the absolute highlight of this album, track six, “Trust.” Theres nothing to say for this track except, wow! That haunting fusion returns with the addition of a pulsing polyrythmic beat shared between the drummer and the percussionist. Once the chorus hits, it just blows you away, one of the most epic tracks I’ve ever heard, absolutely perfected by Eppards vocal stylings.

    While the rest of the songs after track six are great (even “Wheres Max” its obviously not a serious track people), track 13 (“Amaze Disgrace”) is the last highlight (as well as the last track). Another epic, a slightly poppy’er chorus, but it really shows its muscles in the second half, following Joey Eppards immense vocalization. You’ll need to see to believe it.

    You are a fool not to get this album!

    Posted on November 16, 2009