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Wake Pig

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  • The Good
    Twisted bass lines and driving guitar rhythms dominate “Alien Angel.” Joey Eppard’s vocals are quite unique. I can honestly say I’ve heard nothing like them, although people have told me they’re similar to Coheed and Cambria. “Monster” infuses progressive electronic elements into the mix to make for a more textured rock track. “Wake Pig” explores the possibility of the World’s destruction due to war and conflict. It has a psychedelic feel to it, but it’s the message that really drives it home.

    Although Eppard’s vocals are melodic throughout the album, they really shine on “Dogs of War.” It’s an acoustic track filled with a lot of passion and emotion. The lead guitar riff and pulsing drum work help define “One Way Town.” 3 take a dark, ominous turn with “Circus Without Clowns.” The mix of acoustic and electric guitars help create the mood of the lyrics. The band caps off this album by pulling out all the stops on the sixteen minute epic “Amaze Disgrace.”.

    The Bad
    I could have done without “Where’s Max.” Seems like filler to me.

    The Verdict
    Wake Pig was a totally unexpected experience. When I think of Metal Blade Records I think of balls-to-the-wall, full power, hardcore metal. 3 is one of the most unique hard rock bands that I’ve heard in a while. Their mellow hard rock rhythms and progressive elements are just what the current mainstream rock landscape needs to break up the monotony. Wake Pig a refreshing journey into an alt. rock world that people seldom get to hear.

    Posted on November 17, 2009